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Legendary rock songs

Legendary rock songs


Three of the best ever rock songs in my opinion.

Featured below are youtube video performances by Guns n roses, Led zeppelin and Mettalica.

Starting with guns n roses.

This is a rock band that doesn’t seem to have a very long history.

Their debut album Appetite for destruction was realeased on 21 july 1987 and they went on for roughly six more years.

Definitely a legendary rock band.

More recently their former lead gutarist, Slash has released a collaborative album which can be found on Amazon.

This following video is the single Sweet child of mine.



Next up is Led zeppelin, way before my time but still my favourite rock band of all time.

They burst onto the scene in 1968 and took the world by storm.

Their heavy blues orientated rock style holds incredible power.

Robert Plants vocals backed by Jimmy Page’s incredible guitar playing and the sheer aggressive nature of John Bonhams drumming really defined this band.

They continued until John Bonhams death in 1980.

The next video is from their performance in madison square gardens from the DVD

The song remains the same.



Finally Metallica, i don’t really know too much about them but i do think this next song is a fantastic rock song.

Not really a fan of their heavy songs but this one is different, i like the melancholy style.

You can find some info on their background here.



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