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Animated poetry

Animated poetry


Animated poetry is a very interesting thing.

The results of animated poetry can be fascinating.

To read a poem is cool, to view it being performed is better in my view, but an animated poem can actually put the story in front of you.

In this post i am going to present to you some of the most interesting animated poem i have found.

First, on youtube and animated story.


Animated poetry, the cat piano


Next is a very well known American poet Billy Collins.

He has many poems in video format, this website contains much of his work

Here is a link to one of his animated poems called Forgetfulness.


Finally there is a very interesting channel on youtube called poetryanimations.

The channel uploads videos of the old poetry greats speaking out their own poems using some very interesting animation.

Here is the channels top rated video.

John Keats “bright star” poem animation


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