The art of breakdancing


Breakdancing or the preferred term by practitioners of this art B-boying is in its very definition incredible.

The physical barriers these people are able to overcome.

Imagine a ballet pirouette upside down.

These dancers are able to literally spin on their head, do multiple somersaults through the air and support their entire body weight on the palm of their hand.

Now B-boying / breakdancing is actually quite well established.

That is to say the movement has been around for decades so i’m a little late in catching on.

What i can do is show you some videos that display the extent of these dancers talent.

Here you go.


Best of B-boys-red bull bc 0ne


Insane extreme breakdancing- best in the world


They are the two best videos i could find out of dozens.

That is to say there are dozens more to check out over on youtube.

Thanks for stopping by.


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