Roman Polanski, the pianist


I dont generally have much free time but when i do i like to sit down and enjoy a good film.

The following film The pianist by Roman Polanski is the film i have watched most recently.

In the shop i wasn’t entirely sure what i would make of it.

Needless to say at the end of this two and a half hour film i was not disappointed.

In fact quite the contrary, i was very impressed.

It is a story of the struggles of the Polish jews in Warsaw during the Nazi occupation of world war two.

A powerful story based around one central character called Wladyslaw Szpilman (a real person)

The character was played by actor Adrien Brody . Probably most commonly known for his role as Jack Driscoll in Peter Jackson‘s film King kong.

His acting performance in my opinion was exemplary.

The story is a very harrowing one.

It is hard to find anything bright or happy in this and i have watched films with a similar mood which have served simply to leave me feeling depressed.

It takes a great deal of vision and skill to pull this off successfully.

But reading through the information about Roman Polanski i think perhaps one reason why he did so well with this is that it is a story he can personally relate to.

His father was Jewish and at the time of the Nazi occupation, and they all lived in Krakow, Poland.

He survived the holocaust by living amongst Roman catholic’s

I can imagine some of the scenes must have been very difficult but may not have been successfully pulled off by another director.

Personally i give the film 10/10

IMDB gave it 8.5/10

I’d say that means it’s worth getting.

You can find it on Amazon


Here is a trailer.


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