Jack Black and Tenacious D


We all know who Jack Black is.

He is very well known as an actor and with films like School of rock, Nacho Libre and King Kong under his belt noone can say that he is not successful.

He is a good actor but in my opinion the characters that he plays are really just variations of his own eccentric self.

So this post will be focusing on his musical ability.


I think it is safe to say that he is a very talented and dynamic vocalist.

Further to that he is a very good frontman, performer (the acting helps that i think)

But also he seems to have an acute sense of rhythm that i think many rock bands or musicians lack.

In the duo Tenacious D with Kyle Gass (K.G) Jack Black is backed up by a very capable lead guitarist.

Also a lot of what they do is actually accoustic, i understand many rock bands have accoustic sets in their shows but accoustic /electric seems to be a staple part of their performance.

Here are a couple of videos.


Tenacious D Warning/Jesus ranch (live at kimmel)


Tenacious D, Tribute


I know this is going a while back and isn’t actually new information but Tenacious D did release an album back in 2003 called Tenacious D by Tenacious D.

It is still available over on Amazon


In addition to this i am also a fan on his Facebook page.

With over one and a half million followers he is definitely doing well, though he hasn’t updated in a while.

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