I would like to talk about Lenny Henry, a very entertaining comedian.

The interesting thing about Lenny Henry is that unlike many comedians who make people laugh by getting angry or grumbling he has a distinctly cheesy sense of humour but he delivers the performance with charisma.

Here is one very good example.

Lenny Henry live at the appollo


He walks of to the stage with a big grin on his face and grins all the way through.

It’s a very cheerful and uplifting form of entertainment.

He is best known for his show, surprisingly called The Lenny Henry show which was broadcast between from 1984 and continued on and off until 2005, plus he has performed many acting roles both on television and on film.

A comedy all rounder.

Here is a clip of the Lenny Henry show.


You can find a wealth of DVD’s, TV comedy series and films on Amazon


Truly a talented comedian and very funny guy.

Plenty more of his material sits over on Youtube.

But just one more video of an interview on Parkinson.

He is talking about a very personal subject but still manages to see the funny side of things, i think it is a part of him that make him a very original character.



I hope you enjoyed these videos

Thanks for stopping by.

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