There are a wealth of entertaining videos on Youtube, you really don’t need to look very far.

Many of them go viral, that is to say they reach a level of popularity whereby they explode.

A large comedy web site will put the video on their homepage and bang, success all round.

In this particular post i am going to focus on some of the most successful videos to show an example of what can be achieved.

In saying that, i am going to bypass the likes of Fred and Ray William Johnsson as they have already reached a level by which most people already know of them.

So here we go.


First i am going to focus on a guy who goes by the public name of Dcigs.

With strong language here is one of my favourite videos of his.


Angry at Starbucks.


Now these guys are definitely rising youtube stars.

I am of course talking about Pistolshrimps.

They have a rather clever idea of manipulating famous movies to suit their own comedic plots.

Here is a great example.


Harry Potter starts a band.


For a final example i am going to move onto something not so well known as the other two.

But for me personally these videos are very entertaining.

Check it out.


The Dick and Jane show.


Well i hope you enjoying these three videos.

Feel free to check out more of my updates.

Plenty more entertaining material on here.





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