Now i just want to point out here right at the very start of this post, that being a manly kind of man who is only interested in manly pursuits in a very manly way that i am not generally  a fan of distinctly unmanly chick flicks.

(I know, what a load of BS, but seriously you must let a man have his manly delusions. lol)

The thing is i want you women to read these posts too and think that i am a sensitive kind of guy that you could date.

I understand that my rock out posts and war film reviews only cater for drug taking metal heads called Larry.

So i would like to talk about the only chick flick in my ever growing film collection.

A novelty so to speak and that film is called The best man (unhitched).

Here is the trailer.


Well, as you can probably tell, it is a reasonably good comedy, it’s saving grace so to speak.

A basic rundown is Ollie (a writer with writers block) falls in love with his best friends fiance and he is torn between doing what he wants and what is morally right.

With help from his other best friend well, you just have to find out.

You can get the DVD on Amazon


The line up of lead actors are Amy Smart, Stuart Townsend , Raphael Schwartz and Jacob Moriarty


Now i suppose the real question, would i personally recommend it.

Yes i would because as a comedy it is rather funny, and although the whole romance of it seems a bit cliqued it does have a believable story.

And if you want one film in your collection that might make your date go all gooey eyed a be like to her friends like “ooh he’s so sensitive” (because they do notice such things) this one might as well be it.

Anyway, that’s all from me.

Thanks for stopping by.

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