Today i would like to talk about the film, Troy.

Based on one of the most classic stories written and one which has been used to the point of destroying it’s potency.

A story of how love and greed can bring out the ugliest side of humanity possible.

At its base level the films plot is one of a tragedy.


The original story was written by the historical storyteller and poet Homer

A short layout of the story as portrayed in the film goes like this.

Paris of Troy beds The queen of Sparta, two rival nations but with Sparta being part of Greece made them a very real threat to Troy.

So when Helen of Sparta leaves her husband for Paris, King Menelaus runs to his brother Agamemnon who through the desire to expand his empire decided to invade Troy.

Politics and love stand to destroy everything, however in this war, the Greek warrior Achilles goes through his own journey and finds peace.

The story ends with the burning of Troy, the death of Achilles and a broken Greek empire.

As i said, a tragedy.

However i do recommend watching this film because the action scenes are fantastic, the story is very gripping and there are many touching scenes that depict how love can conquer all.

Altogether, it really is an incredible film.

If i was to make a really honest judgement, i would say in my personal view the some of the actors chosen were perhaps not the right choice.

Because in these times of very ugly behavior and warriors, some of the cast members were perhaps an unrealistic portrayal of the times but i do accept that the acting was very good throughout.

And on a personal opinion i would take my hat of to Sean Bean (king of Ithaca) and Helen (Diane Kruger), their acting was very believable and full of creative energy.


Here is the trailer.


I certainly enjoyed the film and have watched it many times but a word of warning, it is quite violent, there is some mild sexual activity which is fine for me and probably most of you but it isn’t wise to let young children  watch this film, officially it is rated as a 15+

You can by the DVD on Amazon

Also if you wish to read more and check out some reviews then you can read more on IMDB.

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