Ok, this update deals with something i like to eat when the occasion calls for it.

I am a pancake fan, i mean who isn’t.

A simple dish made from eggs, milk, sugar and flour, fried in a pan and involving the legendary technique of  Tossing.

Well here are a couple of demonstrations i have fished out for you.


Here is the first demo,

This a bit unusual to be honest, a couple of the ingredients seem unnecessary to me, but there are many different ways to do one thing well, perhaps you might try them out and let me know how they went.

Here you go.


Here is a video for the American version of a pancake,  which are generally a lot thicker than crepes.

I am not sure about this recipe but only because i don’t really know to much about  American pancakes.

I do prefer the more traditional crepes to these, they are generally quite heavy.


Now, being a chef myself i will give you a tip that i stand by as regards pancakes.

A simple mix is always best, for thin ones don’t add baking powder or any other raising agent.

And when you make your batter just add one small dollop of creme fraiche.

It adds so much to the flavour.



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