Well we all know who Paul Rodgers is, after all he is only the lead singer of the most soulful rock band ever created.

Now, if you dont know Queen then you really cant call yourself a rock fan.

Rock music was the spearhead of a cultural revolution in the UK during the 1960′s and 70′s.

Well not long ago Paul Rodgers from Free and Queen paired uo for a truly epic love letter to all of the great rock songs of the past.

This particular video shows my absolute favourite of the songs they performed on the tour which is now plastered all over Youtube.

Originally written by Bad company (another of his bands) the great song Feel like making love.



Now Paul Rodgers from Queen is well known for being an exceptionally gifted singer.

He fronted and band that came out with classic rock songs like Fire and water and All right now.

Suprisingly, he doesn’t seem to have been inducted into the Rock and roll hall of fame.

Something for them to acknowledge.

Read more about him  on Wikipedia


Here they are performing my favourite song of his, Fire and water.


Moving on to Queen, well who can challenge them.

Although my Listening preference leans more towards Led Zeppelin as a favourite i can appreciate the incredible talent these guys have.

It would take a special singer to fill those enormous shoes owned by the great Freddie Mercury.

Paul Rodgers does a fantastic job.

You can read more about Queen on Wikipedia.


Here they are again performing The show must go on.


Naturally a DVD of their entire performance set can be found on Amazon.

Aptly titled, Return of the champions.

You just have to check it out.

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