In the particular post i would like to talk about a subject that i generally find quite interesting.

I am of course talking about the relatively modern art form of Kinetic sculpture.

Many people seem to be practicing this form but honestly for me only a couple stand out and i would like to talk about them now.


First of all and perhaps the best known kinetic sculptor is the guy who uses subway air to power his sculptures.

Here is a video of Joshua Allen Harris inflatable street art in New York.

As i say, this is very well known but i am pretty sure it could get a lot more attention in time.

In looking around i couldn’t find a website for you to link to in order to find out more so i guess it is only a hobby for him.

I suppose the video itself is rather self explanatory.


Next is a Dutch artist and kinetic sculptor called Theo Jansen.

He is developing kinetic sculpture that can survive on their own and although they provide no substantial use to the economy as art forms, it has a very valuable use for culture.

Such inventions could bring thousands of admirers from all over the world to the beaches of the Netherlands.

Here is a video of him giving a TED talk where he explains and demonstrates how these amazing sculptures work.

In searching and not surprisingly, he does have a website Here


Two very inspiring people and there are a few more around worth looking at, i will show you a video of a solar powered kinetic horse before you go.

Solar powered kinetic horse.


Well thanks for stopping by.

Also now that you know it is possible, why not try develop one of your own.



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