This particular post covers useful singing tutorials on Youtube.

One guy in particular, his name is Brett Manning.

You see i class myself as a multimedia artist, encompassed in that repertoire is vocals.

Though my singing voice seems ok, it needs to be a lot better to sing professionally.

In going through a heap load of vocal tutorials on Youtube one persons tutorials made the most sense.

That persons name is Brett Manning, a professional singer and vocal coach.

Here is a video that demonstrates his abilities.


Brett Manning sings illusion


Ok, that particular video was just to give you an example of just how capable a voice Brett Manning has.

The real quality and perhaps most importantly what this post is about is the fact that he teaches so well in his tutorial videos.

On all of the other tutorial videos i scoured, it seems people either talk to much without properly demonstrating or simply weren’t coming across very well in their videos.

But here is an example of his tutorial videos and teaching style.


How to sing – Vibrato


As you can see, very confident way of putting that tutorial across.

If you are in any more doubt, this guy has trained many professional singers, some that have done exceptionally well, like Miley Cyrus and Keith Urban as a couple of examples.

You can find out more over on his singing success website.

Alternatively you can see many more helpful singing videos on his Youtube channel


Just a note, there was no financial motivation with this post, nobody paid me i just felt that this info needed sharing as it may be helpful to others.

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