In this post i would like to bring your attention to 5 classic chill out songs that i really enjoy listening to when working on my computer.

Each choice will give a little information about the music creators and some works that they have done.

So click the Youtube videos and relax in your seat to enjoy some great chill out music.

Starting with

1 – Quantic, The fifth exotic.

Quantic is actually the stage name of a guy called Will Holland who produces most of his music from instruments he plays himself.

This song is also the name of the album which you can find on Amazon.

It is quite fast paced for a chill out song but has a very quiet feel to it and the vocals (what few there are are performed by soul singer Alice Russell.

The album was recorded in 2001.


2- ATB, Don’t stop

ATB is the solo project of a musician and DJ called Andre Tanneberger who has come out with some fantastic tracks.

His first hit was 9pm, considered to be the UK’S first trance song to hit the number one slot.

This particular track is from the Movin’ melodies album which is his first studio album and the one that features 9pm.

You can find the album on Amazon.

I like the relaxed feel to this song with the consistent beat, the melody actually slightly resembles 9pm. perhaps he had two variations of the same riff and built two songs around each one (though that is not fact to my knowledge, just an observation)

He has recently this year released a new album called Distant earth which is available also on Amazon.

Movin’ melodies was recorded back in 1999


3 – Enigma. I love you, i’ll kill you.

Enigma is the name of a music group led by Michael Cretu which originated in 1990.

The music group has a very interesting sound which comprises many styles but one thing that seems so clear throughout is the distinctly eastern feel the music has.

This particular track is from his second studio album called The cross of changes recorded at the end of 2003.

You can find the album on Amazon.

For me this song is made special because of the guitar which carries a lot of impact, but apart from that the music is really soothing.


Enya, Watermark

Enya is the stage name of musician and singer Enya Particia Brennan.

Originally from Ireland there is no real surprise a lot of her music has a Celtic feel.

This particular track is from her album Watermark and is the intro to the album.

You can find the album on Amazon.

For me i like the way she gently brings you into the album with a really relaxed vibe, so simple yet so moving.


Free, mouthful of grass.

Free was a rock band led by Paul Rodgers in the late 1960′s and early 1970′s.

A comletely different band to the others on this list, a lot of their music was heavy and bluesy but in the middle of it all is this really subtle instrumental piece.

This particular song is from the album Free released in 1969.

You can find the album on Amazon.

I really like this song and would probably say may have belonged to the same kind of soft progressive music which would have led to the newer music above.


So there you have it.

5 classic chill out songs.

I hope you go away feeling well rested.

Thanks for stopping by.






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