In this particular post i would like to talk about the excellent comedian Johnny Vegas.

First of all this hilarious video of Johnny at his comedic best, i guess completely off the cuff

Johnny Vegas on QI


He always likes to say that he is not a comedian, he’s an entertainer.

Which is why i gave this comedian the entertainer title in the title.

He is well known for his comedic rants and emphasis on sharing (usually his anger) but it does alltogether make for great entertainment.


But he is also very well known for Pg tips adverts with monkey


In many ways his comedy has a very childish edge, which in itself is hilarious.

I do actually have a DVD of a documentary/drama called who’s ready for icecream which you can find on Amazon.

It is a brilliant film but as is his way, contains a lot of strong language.

Here is a video excerpt from the DVD

Strong language included

The DVD can very a bit aggressive so i recommend caution to those easily offended.


Finally here is a performance of him live in Melbourne 2000.


Pure brilliance.

Oh, did i also mention he does pottery?

Well i hope you enjoyed these videos.

I’m not going to write about his past on this post it is all about his work but you can read more about the guy over on Wikipedia.


Thanks for stopping by.

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