This post covers one of the people everybody knows of.

I am of course talking about the hugely successful and very talented Johnny Depp.

An actor who is known distinctly for his weird and wacky characters.

That is probably why Tim Burton so closely associates with him in terms of film.


A basic history of Johnny Deep is outlined below.


John Christopher Depp 2nd was born on June 9th 1963 in Owenboro, Kentucky, growing up he constantly moved around and engaged in self harming as a way of dealing with stress.

As he reached adolecsence he got into music and began to forge a career as a musician, but with relatively little success he turned to acting on Nicholas Cage‘s advice.

His first major role was on television on 21 jump street where to his regret he became a bit of a teen idol.

Unhappy with this steriotype he eventually moved into film with the onus on playing characters which were often weird, so naturally Tim Burton’s wacky movie making style suited him.

They first worked together in 1990 with a film called Edward Scissorhands.

Since then he has had incredible success with films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Donnie Brasco and more recently Alice in wonderland.

He is considered one of them most successful and adored actors in the entire film industry.


Personally i enjoy every film he acts in because he has a certain charisma that everyone, male and female (especially female) can appreciate.

His career looks like it still has an incredibly long way to go before he throws in the towel.


Here is the trailer for the brand new pirates of the Caribbean.

Pirates of the caribbean, on stranger tides.


Truly a film legend.

You can view his entire filmography on both Wikipedia and IMDB.


Now, before you go i would like to show you something that is perhaps less known.

This is a video of him performing some beat poetry, a tip of the hat to the great Jack Kerouac.

It is a bit daark so caution is recommended and beat poetry is typically angry and weird.

Jack Kerouac – (Johnny depp)


Thought i might throw that in to give most of you something new to read know about him.

Thanks for stopping by.


I leave you with this.

Eddie Vedder society with Johnny Depp





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