Ok, this particular post is going to focus on one of the top actors in the film making business, i am of course referring to Russell Crowe.

However before i go on to talk about his film career and my opinions i would like to bring your attention if you are not already aware that he is also a musician and here is a video of him performing with

Marcia Hines at AFI awards.


Russell Crowe is an Australian actor (originally from new zealand) who began his TV and film career in the late 80′s on Australian television shows Police rescue and Neighbours.

Naturally Hollywood clocked on his what he was doing and brought him in to the film scene.

His first major film appearance was in 1997 with LA confidential and has gone of to be the stars of many top films.

He is also well known for being an actor that film director Ridley Scott like to use and probably has a major part to play in Crowe‘s success.

For a while in 2001 Crowe was being guarded by Secret service agents working for the FBI regarding threats from Al-Qaeda months the september 11th atrocities.


Of films in my collection i can list

Gladiator (2000) as  General Maximus

Proof of life (2000) as hostage negotiator Terry Thorne

A beautiful mind (2001) mathematician John Nash

Master and commander (2003) as Captain Jack Aubrey

American Gangster (2007) as detective Richie Roberts

Body of lies (2008) as Ed Hoffman

State of play (2009) as journalist Cal McAffrey

Robin Hood (2010) as Robin Longstride


All of them in my view are good, if i was to state a favourite, i would have to say Master and Commander.

One thing i have personally picked up about these films is that he seems to have this great ability of mastering different accents, the only film where he actually plays an Australian is Proof of life.

Certainly a very iconic actor of the last decade and i’m sure he will go down in history for his contribution to film.

You can read more about him of Wikipedia, IMDB and a concise list of films for sale can be found on Amazon.

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