I would like to talk in this post about a brilliant comedy film.

I say brilliant but very adult in nature.

Developed in the style of production of Thunderbirds, a television series from the 1960′s about an organisation of international rescue. Team America are the world police.

With strong language, adult themes of violence and sexual activity it is recommended only for adults.

It is produced using something called marionette puppetry and the technical genius involved with this must be incredible

It involves many different actors doing voice overs, a very refreshing way of film making which you don’t see very often.

The comedy is very satirical in nature too which i know appeals to a lot of people.

Here is the plot.


Team America world police are an organisation based inside Mount Rushmore who fight the terrorists of the world but usually in their recklessness do more damage than they actually prevent.

Kim Jong-il provides weapons of mass destruction to many Arab terrorists around the world in a master plan to destroy the world.

But Team America are on the hunt, nothing will stop them?. Surely they had never heard of F.A.G (Film actors guild) led by Alec Baldwin.

Complications ensue towards the end and it is up to a top Broadway actor called Garry  to fix the problems but he is known for being unreliable.

How will it end?

Well if you have already seen it then you will know.

If you haven’t, here is the trailer.


And just to get you really hooked here is the first five minutes of the movie.



If it is your kind of humour then you will be able to find the DVD on Amazon.

You can also read about it on Wikipedia and IMDB.


In my personal opinion, even with all of it’s graphic footage of questionable morals it is a film making master piece and would have took some serious imagination and innovation to pull it off.

It is a must see.

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