This is a film review of a film i saw just a few days ago.

It is called The tourist.

Starring quite possibly two of the most powerful sex symbols in the modern movie scene.

I am of course talking about every mans dream woman, Angelina Jolie and the person every man wants to be and every woman wants to be with, Johnny Depp.

Now, for me the most interesting thing about the film was the banter that existed between the two actors portrayed in their characters.

Personally the film itself in my opinion was neither of their best, but it is definitely worth watching.

It does have quite a compelling storyline.

Set in Venice, a tourist and a seductress kind of woman get tangled in a crazy situation of mistaken identity when a gangster wronged by the person the tourist is believed to be comes after him.

Anglelina‘s character through guilt and a bit of attraction  tries to help him but a love sick puppy would follow her everywhere, even if it puts his life a risk. In the middle of all of this Uk police working with Italian Interpol are trying to track down the real criminal and the tourist finds himself in an even deeper mess.

It all comes to an interesting conclusion when the gangster gets hold of him, but perhaps the tourist has got a rather clever trick up his sleeve.

There is one way to find out.

That is to get the film itself, which can incidentally be found over on Amazon.


If you are still in doubt, you can always check out the trailer.



The film has an all star cast with Timothy Dalton and Paul Bettany both having major roles.

It is directed by Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck a relatively new face in the international movie scene, this is probably an important notch on his belt.

You can read more about this film on IMDB.


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