Ok, in this particular post i would like to talk about how to make a tasty RIsotto.

I am a chef by profession and Risotto is one of my favourite kinds of food.

I am a huge fan of chicken, mushroom and roquette (or rocket) risotto.

Now i know how you all like to watch videos of celebrity chefs.

So here is the first video for a Pumpkin Risotto taken from Gordon Ramsey‘s the F word.

A very nice Risotto even though everyone is playing up to the camera.

Real kitchens are not so OTT.


Ok here is a more step by step instructive video for cooking basic risotto.

Though a little tip from myself, a bay leaf in the risotto while cooking will work wonders for the flavour.

Howcast, how to make risotto

Now both of these videos show the risotto being cooked to order. Naturally in a Michelin starred kitchen there would be enough chefs to cook risotto to order and for those cooking at home it is unlikely that you will be making more than about 6 portions, so to order works.

Unfortunately a fact for most professional kitchens is that there is neither the staff or the time to make risotto to order.

Most kitchens make a bulk amount and hold onto it for a couple of days.

This is not a reason to worry.

Risotto is cooked and then cooled immediately, if stored cold it can stay fresh for two or three days.

Professionally this procedure fits into the government guidelines of safe cooking and safe food storage.

I am just aware that many people are uneasy about rice due to them holding spores where basically a bacteria can hide in a shell which can withstand temperatures higher than you can cook in a home environment without burning.

To reheat once is safe and legally acceptable.

Most restaurants will sell re-heated risotto.

But it is advisable that you go to a respectable establishment with a good hygiene rating to eat risotto.


Now my favourite as i said above is much more simple than this next video’s version.

I like mine finished with a bit of Creme Fraiche, Parmesan and Rocket and not the spicy type of recipe she talks of.

But it does look rather tasty and i may just try it out.


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