In this post i wish to talk about Muse.

Quite possibly one of the best bands to come out of the British music scene in the last decade.

As a band i find them unclassifiable. Rock, Pop, Electronic, Metal and even a very strong hint of classical music thrown in.

The band consists of three members.

Matthew Bellamy who is the lead singer and plays a range of guitars, piano and keyboards.

Christopher Wolstenholme who plays bass guitar but also plays guitar, keyboards and harmonica.

Dominic Howard who plays drums and percussion and some other various instruments.

Considering there are only three of them the power and complexity they put out in their songs is stunning.

Awarded to the hilt i think it is safe to say these guys will go down in rock history.

They have released five studio albums of which i have two of them. Absolution and Black holes and revelations.

Here is a song from their Absolution album which you can find on Amazon.

Our time is running out by Muse

In my opinion, a fantastic album.


In 2006 they released a new album Black holes and revelations and i headed straight out to buy it.

I thought it was brilliant and so did so many professional reviewers.

In support of their new album they went on a phenomenal tour and probably the biggest of these dates were at the newly built Wembley stadium.

On the 16th and 17th of June 2007 they sold out the stadium, that is a mighty big crowd.

And i am now going to show you two videos of performances of those dates and their album which are both off Youtube.


Wembley stadium. Knights of Cydonia.


Wembley stadium. Starlight.

You can find the album on Amazon.


They have since released another album in 2009 called The resistance.

Unfortunately my ears have fallen of the radar and i haven’t heard the songs but i am sure it will be good based on the two i have.

I think this band will stand the test of time.

They have certainly had a faultless career so far.

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