In this post i would like to talk about the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd.

Originally founded by Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Richard Wright and Nick Mason, they enjoyed success in the underground music scene with some intensely strange and psychedelic music.

They released an album called Piper and the gates of dawn in 1967 which can be found on Amazon

Here is one of my favourite songs from the album.

Interstellar overdrive

As their music would perhaps suggest the lead guitarist and songwriter got heavily influenced by drugs.

Subsequently his mental health begun to wane and he lived much of the rest of his life as a recluse.

Sid Barrett died in 2006 0n 7th June (RIP)

But he did record a few albums after leaving the band titled The madcap laughs and Barrett both of which can be found also on Amazon.

Here is one of my favourite songs from those albums

Clowns and Jugglers

For a while the band comprised of five members with the addition of Dave Gilmour who was brought in to basically cover up Barrett‘s failing performances on stage but eventually replaced him as lead singer and guitarist in 1968.

It is after this time that they moved on to astronomical success.

Releasing albums likes Ummagumma, Dark side of the moon, Wish you were here and The wall, they sold over 200 million albums worldwide.

Other notable success is their induction into the Rock and roll hall of fame on 17th January 1996.

There has been as fair share of clashes in this band, most notably between Waters and Gilmour during the production of the album, The final cut where waters took Gilmour‘s name of the production credits.

Eventually Gilmour took leadership of the band with a different line up in 1986 and Waters started trying to prevent the name from ever being used again.

Unsuccessfully i presume as Pink Floyd continued until 1995

They reunited for the live 8 concert in 2005 after Bob Geldof persuaded then to do a final gig together.

Other projects they did were a film called The wall featuring all of the songs in the album, it is in my opinion a very strange, hard to follow but very interesting art film.

You can find it on Amazon.


In my personal opinion, Pink Floyd are brilliant and were brilliant throughout their career.

The line up changes just made things even more interesting.

They were certainly a large part of my life during my late teens.


Here is a video of my favourite song of theirs.

Us and them.

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