Over the last two months there is an on line radio station that has become a huge friend of mine while working late on my computer.

My general work at night involves a lot of writing for blogs and work on Youtube, music is an essential way of keep me going.

That and a lot of coffee.

Anyhow 106.1 rock radio has become a new way of enjoying music while i work.

Being a huge fan of rock music it is perfect as it plays most of the classic rock songs as well as the material that is out at the moment.

A first rate radio station for the genre it covers.

It is easy, you just go to their website, and press listen live.

You dont have to download a plugin, it is actually really easy to use and just sits comfortably on a different web browser.

It is based in Manchester, UK and i can recieve it on the other side of the pennines so i am pretty sure that anyone in the UK can get it, though i am not sure about abroad.

Perhaps you might listen in and see if you get it.

The only negative about it is with it not being a local radio station, the news i get doesn’t really effect my area.

They have a Website.

You can also like their Fan page on Facebook.

The Facebook page currently only has 231 fans but i feel that will change over time.

It has to, they deserve the success.

So tune in and enjoy


Thanks for stopping by


Ps – rock radio did not pay me to write this post, i just feel the info is worth sharing.


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