This particular post concentrates of an ancient art form called Marionette puppetry.

Marionette is believed to date right back to ancient Egyptian times though wasn’t truly popularised until Roman times, though whether they were the marionette puppets we see today is not clear.

They were often used throughout history in various forms until the term Marionette emerged around 1600.

From then on the were mostly to be associated with slapstick comedy or satire, one can see the appeal of comedy with these little characters.

Some of Shakespeares plays involved the use of Marionettes too.

Modern Marionette was well documented in the Purpose built Marionette operas during the 1800′s and 1900′s one of which

The Salzburg marionette theatre still continues the tradition.

Today, there are Marionette theatres all over the world and of course the main stream media also use Marionettes.

In the 1960′s a popular TV show was broadcast on UK television.

The show was called Thunderbirds, a show about an international rescue organisation.

Finally the satirical spoof film using the same form but in a more inappropriate way was the Film Team America.


Here is a fine example of modern Marionette and how it can be used.

Michael Jackson Marionette.


Now the video will show in itself roughly how these Marionettes are operated and as i am not entirely savvy myself i will lay it out for you in my own explanation.

They seem to be a form of puppet operated using strings and bars attached to certain areas of the puppets body, they are operated by a Manipulator who will pull the ropes or lift or turn the bars.

The moves are not generally so precise and for that reason the motion is often comical in appearance which suits the satirical element of Marionette rather well.

Most of this information was taken from Wikipedia which will give you a more in depth idea as to the history of these things.

What i will do now is leave you with a couple of entertaining videos involving the use of Marionette.


Marionette show, Skeletons


Team America, freedom isn’t free. (strong language)


Well, i do hope this helped.

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