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Matrix, my favourite scenes

Matrix, my favourite scenes . . We all know the matrix very well. An unbelievable story that really goes to great depths. The action and fight scenes are something else. Cutting edge for the time i’d say. This is the trailer for the first one. . . These are my two favourite scenes from that... Read More

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Echostains blog poetry challenge

Echostains blog poetry challenge . . I’d lke to talk about Lynda. AKA Echostains . Now she has a blog that kind of does what i aim to do here. Though hopefully this site will develop into a more community based site. . Where she hits a very solid niche is her constant searching for unique... Read More

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Five of my favourite stand up comedians.

. Five of my favourite stand up comedians. Warning; all of these videos contain bad language through out . Dylan Moran . I don’t know too much about this guy. But i think his performance in the brittish film The longest yard. But he is equally acclaimed for his stand up. . . . Jack Dee . This... Read More

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Inception is awesome.

Inception is awesome . Recently i saw one of the best films i have seen in a long time. Called inception. An insane story based around dreams and the nature of them, and how guilt can effect your dreams in the most mind bending ways. Riveting from start to finish and the cliff hanger was just... Read More

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Introducing Culture spotlight

. Hi, my name is Richard North and i am the founder of Culture spotlight. I am a multi media artist and director of the Arts web show. But enough about me. This website is about you. . Here at Culture spotlight i aim to develop a society based around creativity. Whatever media you work in, there is a place for it... Read More

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