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Coming up on culture spotlight

Coming up on Culture spotlight . I am afraid i haven’t really been very active on here recently. I’m not entirely sure whether this site actually has any readers yet. Still i will talk as if i am talking to a group. lol . Culture spotlight have been put together as a site where we... Read More

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Very funny animation, animator versus animation

Very funny animation, animator versus animation . I just have to share this youtube video with you. It;s a very funny animation where a battle occurs on a computer screen. . Funny animation. . Thanks for stopping by. . All personalities, blogs or websites featured in my updates are either from my own discoveries or... Read More

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Robert Plant and the strange sensation

Robert Plant and the strange sensation . Well we all know Robert Plant as lead singer of the legendary rock band ‘led zeppelin’ I touched on Led Zeppelin recently in this post Legendary rock songs. About five years ago he emerged once more with the strange sensation and produced one very good album. It has... Read More

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Terry brooks, voyage of the Jerle shannara

Terry Brooks, voyage of the Jerle shannara. . This is a book i remember reading years ago. It’s a fascinating story, classified as fantasy. It’s a story about family reunited through great adversity and the betrayal uncovered of the evil that destroyed the family in the first place. I could talk about this book all... Read More

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Animated poetry

Animated poetry . Animated poetry is a very interesting thing. The results of animated poetry can be fascinating. To read a poem is cool, to view it being performed is better in my view, but an animated poem can actually put the story in front of you. In this post i am going to present... Read More

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Cool chill out music, ATB and Quantic

Cool chill out music, ATB and Quantic. . Sometimes when i need to relax, particularly when working late at the my computer i feel the urge to to listen to some very specific tracks. Two music groups that particularly stand out to me are ATB and Quantic. These tracks relax me physically yet keep me... Read More

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Instrumental beats on youtube

Instrumental beats on youtube . If you’re looking for some cool instrumental beats on youtube i know of a really good channel to check out. Stabil66 I will point out that to use these beats i don’t know what the copyright rules are. A while back i wanted to write a free flow poem. I... Read More

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State of play, great political thriller

State of play, great political thriller . The 2009 release political thriller state of play is a brilliant film. I remember that when watching it, i was totally sucked into the story. It’s says a lot about the corrupt nature of some politicians. Although this is a fictional story you could just believe this sort... Read More

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The art of breakdancing

The art of breakdancing . Breakdancing or the preferred term by practitioners of this art B-boying is in its very definition incredible. The physical barriers these people are able to overcome. Imagine a ballet pirouette upside down. These dancers are able to literally spin on their head, do multiple somersaults through the air and support... Read More

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Navy carrier squadron comedy

Navy carrier squadron comedy. . There is this really cool channel on youtube called Pumpit01 They have some very entertaining music comedy videos. I think you will probably enjoy them. . Navy carrier squadron “pump it” . Sun king hey ya . Navy carrier squadrons “move along” . Very entertaining videos. There is really nothing... Read More

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