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Music band, Muse

In this post i wish to talk about Muse. Quite possibly one of the best bands to come out of the British music scene in the last decade. As a band i find them unclassifiable. Rock, Pop, Electronic, Metal and even a very strong hint of classical music thrown in. The band consists of three... Read More

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Film actor Russell Crowe

Ok, this particular post is going to focus on one of the top actors in the film making business, i am of course referring to Russell Crowe. However before i go on to talk about his film career and my opinions i would like to bring your attention if you are not already aware that... Read More

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5 classic chill out songs

In this post i would like to bring your attention to 5 classic chill out songs that i really enjoy listening to when working on my computer. Each choice will give a little information about the music creators and some works that they have done. So click the Youtube videos and relax in your seat... Read More

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Psychedelic rock band, Pink Floyd

In this post i would like to talk about the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. Originally founded by Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Richard Wright and Nick Mason, they enjoyed success in the underground music scene with some intensely strange and psychedelic music. They released an album called Piper and the gates of dawn in 1967... Read More

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Film actor profiles, Johnny Depp.

This post covers one of the people everybody knows of. I am of course talking about the hugely successful and very talented Johnny Depp. An actor who is known distinctly for his weird and wacky characters. That is probably why Tim Burton so closely associates with him in terms of film. . A basic history... Read More

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Rock radio based in Manchester

Over the last two months there is an on line radio station that has become a huge friend of mine while working late on my computer. My general work at night involves a lot of writing for blogs and work on Youtube, music is an essential way of keep me going. That and a lot... Read More

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Interesting music characters, Yuri Lane the beat boxing harmonica player.

Ok this is a relatively short post to bring your attention to something many have come across but you might not have personally. It is a beatboxing harmonica player called Yuri Lane and as this video will demonstrate, he is a rather talented person. . . Surprisingly he does have a little bit of coverage... Read More

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Nizlopi, refreshing music duo

This is a post focusing on a particular band/duo who really caught my attention about 5 years ago when the released their single JCB song. I am of course talking about Nizlopi. Nizlopi until recently consisted of Luke Concannon and John Parker. A difficult band to categorise, they seem to have a lot of modernity... Read More

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Gems for rocking out

In this post i will be focusing on one of my favourite subjects, rock music. More specifically in this post, those bands that rocked out in style. I could talk about so many and because i can talk about so many i have decided to limit it to three. But that is 3 rocking out... Read More

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Paul Rodgers and Queen.

Well we all know who Paul Rodgers is, after all he is only the lead singer of the most soulful rock band ever created. Now, if you dont know Queen then you really cant call yourself a rock fan. Rock music was the spearhead of a cultural revolution in the UK during the 1960′s and... Read More

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