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Rock radio based in Manchester

Over the last two months there is an on line radio station that has become a huge friend of mine while working late on my computer. My general work at night involves a lot of writing for blogs and work on Youtube, music is an essential way of keep me going. That and a lot... Read More

Posted On June 4, 20110 Comments

Film review, 300

300 is a film i actually really like despite it not really being the thing i am generally interested in. 300 has a very animated feel about it which for some reason i dont enjoy. One thing that simply cant be criticised is the quality of the effects. Starring Gerard Butler, Lena Headey and David... Read More

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Humorous advertisement videos on Youtube.

This is a rather light hearted post about some of the banned television commercials and interesting advertisements people do using Youtube, a very powerful social network. Probably because it is owned by google, a clear advantage. lol. Anyhow, back to the point, in looking around for videos to put up on my other website. Witty... Read More

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Film review, the tourist.

This is a film review of a film i saw just a few days ago. It is called The tourist. Starring quite possibly two of the most powerful sex symbols in the modern movie scene. I am of course talking about every mans dream woman, Angelina Jolie and the person every man wants to be... Read More

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Interesting music characters, Yuri Lane the beat boxing harmonica player.

Ok this is a relatively short post to bring your attention to something many have come across but you might not have personally. It is a beatboxing harmonica player called Yuri Lane and as this video will demonstrate, he is a rather talented person. . . Surprisingly he does have a little bit of coverage... Read More

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Film review, Salt

Today i watched the relatively new film Salt. A espionage meets revenge high powered action thriller starring the action thriller queen Angelina Jolie. She did a fantastic job, in parts which is rare for an action thriller she led a really emotional performance. Some of the scenes are quite hard to watch and for that... Read More

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Film Review, Euro trip

What an entertaining film Euro trip is. A first rate comedy film however a warning, it does contain a lot of adult content therefore is not suitable for children. The film comes from the producers of Road trip and Old school and is directed by Jeff Schaffer. A quick run down of the plot is... Read More

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Brilliant comedian, Lenny Henry

I would like to talk about Lenny Henry, a very entertaining comedian. The interesting thing about Lenny Henry is that unlike many comedians who make people laugh by getting angry or grumbling he has a distinctly cheesy sense of humour but he delivers the performance with charisma. Here is one very good example. Lenny Henry... Read More

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Nizlopi, refreshing music duo

This is a post focusing on a particular band/duo who really caught my attention about 5 years ago when the released their single JCB song. I am of course talking about Nizlopi. Nizlopi until recently consisted of Luke Concannon and John Parker. A difficult band to categorise, they seem to have a lot of modernity... Read More

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The art form of kinetic sculpture

In the particular post i would like to talk about a subject that i generally find quite interesting. I am of course talking about the relatively modern art form of Kinetic sculpture. Many people seem to be practicing this form but honestly for me only a couple stand out and i would like to talk... Read More

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