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Tim Burton, film director.

Tim Burton, film director. . Tim Burton is probably best known as a film director. He is renowned for his strange but brilliant movie making style. I would best describe it as macabre. He often brings to life stange characters in even stranger settings. His recent film, a remake of Alice in wonderland perfectly proves... Read More

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Jack White, a music legend

Jack White, a music legend. . In my humble opinion Jack White is a music legend, although i am sure there are plenty of people who would disagree. To me his style sounds like a kind of psychadelic metal style and heavily influenced by blues. He’s had quite a career already. His first major success... Read More

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Parkour and poetry, interesting combination.

Parkour and poetry, interesting combination . This update is about a video i found quite recently on youtube. Is is of a parkour runner or free runner who made a video and voiced over a poem to compliment it creating a very interesting fusion of art and sport. Certainly worth checking out. Here is the... Read More

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The awesome art of beat boxing

The awesome art of beat boxing. . This update is about how interesting and impressive the at of beat boxing is. A performance that relies totally on the sounds someone can make with only their throat, tongue and lips. It’s something i’ve spent a lot of time over the last year practicing. I can keep... Read More

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