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The art form of kinetic sculpture

In the particular post i would like to talk about a subject that i generally find quite interesting. I am of course talking about the relatively modern art form of Kinetic sculpture. Many people seem to be practicing this form but honestly for me only a couple stand out and i would like to talk... Read More

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How to make delicious pancakes.

. Ok, this update deals with something i like to eat when the occasion calls for it. I am a pancake fan, i mean who isn’t. A simple dish made from eggs, milk, sugar and flour, fried in a pan and involving the legendary technique of  Tossing. Well here are a couple of demonstrations i... Read More

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Open mic uk 2011, audition dates

Open mic uk 2011, audition dates . Just a quick update for any musical readers to take note. Auditions for open mic uk begin on the seventh of August. More info on the  Open mic UK web site . Open mic UK is a contest for musicians from all over the country to get their... Read More

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Denzel Washington, career and film reviews

Denzel Washington, career and film reviews . . Of all the major Hollywood successes over the last twenty years, Denzel Washington clearly stands as one of the front runners. From the effortless posture of his walk to the people friendly personality everyone sees, he must be counted amongst the most charismatic movie stars of our... Read More

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Coming up on culture spotlight

Coming up on Culture spotlight . I am afraid i haven’t really been very active on here recently. I’m not entirely sure whether this site actually has any readers yet. Still i will talk as if i am talking to a group. lol . Culture spotlight have been put together as a site where we... Read More

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Interesting media used in art.

Interesting media used in art. . Over time artists have been known to create art from some very odd but interesting forms of media. Here are a few. The first is a youtube video i discovered in one of my regular visits to Echostains. . It is a speed painting session using Barbecue sauce. .... Read More

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Interesting poetry meme sites.

Interesting poetry meme sites. . On my blog network i am familiar with two poetry meme, prompt sites. Jingles poetry rally. Onestop . Jingles poetry rally is a blog run by a woman who is a huge driving force for poets both amateur and proffesional. I was a long time participant in her rallies. The... Read More

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Youtube based comedy show

Youtube based comedy show Apologies for the self promotional nature of this post (once a month only) . This update is about the youtube based Arts web show. My personal online project. It is a monthly show which will be posted on here at the launch each month. It is a show that combines the... Read More

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Bookstains poetry challenge ‘what the Dickens’

Bookstains poetry challenge ‘what the Dickens’ . This update is about bookstains poetry challenge The challenge is called What the Dickens. Lynda has done a few of these challenges, one of them which i referred to in this post. Picasso poetry challenge . I tend to get involved in those challenges I have written my... Read More

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Leslie paints amazing watercolours.

Leslie paints amazing watercolours. . This is someone with a lot of talent. Leslie White has a good eye for painting, especially nature scenes. On wordpress i have known and followed her work for a long time. Reading and viewing her work has been both enjoyable and educational. You really should check out her blog, you’ll be... Read More

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