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Terry brooks, voyage of the Jerle shannara

Terry Brooks, voyage of the Jerle shannara. . This is a book i remember reading years ago. It’s a fascinating story, classified as fantasy. It’s a story about family reunited through great adversity and the betrayal uncovered of the evil that destroyed the family in the first place. I could talk about this book all... Read More

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Harper Lee, to kill a mockingbird.

Harper Lee, to kill a mockingbird. . At school as a kid we read quite a few books but one that stood out for me personally was Harper Lee‘s novel, To kill a mockingbird. A very interesting story about two children growing up in the american deep south during the 1930′s when segregation and racism... Read More

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Bernard Cornwell, writer of the sharpe series.

Bernard Cornwell, writer of the sharpe series . Bernard Cornwell is a writer, mostly of historical novels and is most famed for his Richard Sharpe stories. He has also written some fantastic thrillers based on yachts. While i was growing up he was was without question my favourite novelist. I have read almost every book... Read More

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Jack Higgins writes thrillers.

Jack Higgins writes thrillers . We all like a good thriller novel. Jack Higgins who goes by the real name Harry Patterson is well known for writing very good and relatively short thriller novels. As as teenager i read a few of these. His most successful books were probably based around the protagonist/antagonist Ex IRA... Read More