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The art form of comedy mime

This particular post focuses on the very entertaining and difficult art form of comedy mime performance. Mime is defined on Wikipedia as A mime artist is someone who uses mime as a theatrical medium or as a performance art involving miming, or the acting out a story through body motions, without use of speech. Silent comedy, something i... Read More

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Comedy greats, Omid Djalili

There are many Comedy stars that grace our screens and stages and right now i would like to focus on one in particular. I am of course talking about Omid Djalili. He has this wonderfully fun style and has provided many laughs. On top of that he has acted cameo roles in some fantastic films... Read More

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Entertaining Youtube videos

There are a wealth of entertaining videos on Youtube, you really don’t need to look very far. Many of them go viral, that is to say they reach a level of popularity whereby they explode. A large comedy web site will put the video on their homepage and bang, success all round. In this particular... Read More

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The boat that rocked, film review

Recently i purchased the film, The boat that rocked, a film directed by Richard Curtis I am proud to add it to my favourites. As a rock and roller at heart (even though my habits don’t suggest so) i find this film very appealing. I think you will too. . Imagine a boat floating in... Read More

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Jack Black and Tenacious D

Jack Black and Tenacious D . We all know who Jack Black is. He is very well known as an actor and with films like School of rock, Nacho Libre and King Kong under his belt noone can say that he is not successful. He is a good actor but in my opinion the characters... Read More

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Very funny animation, animator versus animation

Very funny animation, animator versus animation . I just have to share this youtube video with you. It;s a very funny animation where a battle occurs on a computer screen. . Funny animation. . Thanks for stopping by. . All personalities, blogs or websites featured in my updates are either from my own discoveries or... Read More

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Navy carrier squadron comedy

Navy carrier squadron comedy. . There is this really cool channel on youtube called Pumpit01 They have some very entertaining music comedy videos. I think you will probably enjoy them. . Navy carrier squadron “pump it” . Sun king hey ya . Navy carrier squadrons “move along” . Very entertaining videos. There is really nothing... Read More

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Musical comedians.

Musical comedians. . Personally i have a lot of respect for musical comedians. It’s nonsense to think that they are not as talented as any other serious musician. The array of talent i have come across in my own time online is vast. On this post i will show you three of my very favourites.... Read More

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Silent movies, slapstick comedy

Silent movies, slapstick comedy. . When we hear about silent movies our mind is immediately drawn to Charlie Chaplin. Who can argue it, he is an undisputed master of the medium when silent movies were in their heyday. Check out this video of one of his comedies. . Charlie chaplin, boxing. . But there is... Read More

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Freshly discovered comedy videos.

Freshly discovered comedy videos. . Here are three youtbe videos of  new discoveries i have made in browsing. The three comedians are Danny Bhoy, Bill Hicks and Simon Evans. All well known and established comedians. Do enjoy these videos as i did. . Danny Bhoy live at Montreal. He is your typical cheeky chappie, quite... Read More

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