Posted On May 14, 20110 Comments

Epic meal time, forget the diet

A relatively short post this time. I just want to bring your attention to a culinary abomination, but my god it’s the sort of wrong food i could really enjoy. Watch the videos, you will see exactly what i mean. A bit of strong language in the videos. . Honestly i am a bit of... Read More

Posted On May 1, 20110 Comments

How to make delicious pancakes.

. Ok, this update deals with something i like to eat when the occasion calls for it. I am a pancake fan, i mean who isn’t. A simple dish made from eggs, milk, sugar and flour, fried in a pan and involving the legendary technique of  Tossing. Well here are a couple of demonstrations i... Read More

Posted On December 15, 20100 Comments

How to make sponge cake.

How to make sponge cake, also a vegetarian recipe. . Everybody loves sponge cake. I would say that it probably is the most popular home baked desert there is. It is quite a careful process but is relatively easy to make. Here are two youtube videos that i have found, they seem like decent recipes... Read More

Posted On December 6, 20100 Comments

How to make chocolate cake, including vegan recipe.

How to make chocolate cake, including vegan recipe. . Chocolate cake is something everyone loves to eat. Something about the deep rich taste i suppose. In my years of cooking professionally though, i’ve noticed that a great many people think its difficult. That is simple not the case. I have sourced some useful cookery demonstrations... Read More

Posted On November 13, 20100 Comments

Useful panna cotta cookery demos including a vegan recipe.

Useful panna cotta cookery demos, including a vegan recipe. . Perhaps being a proffesional chef, i can talk with some authority on these posts. This post will tackle some very easy to follow panna cotta recipes, also some very interesting ones and even a vegan one. These are videos on youtube. The first one is probably... Read More