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Robert Plant and the strange sensation

Robert Plant and the strange sensation . Well we all know Robert Plant as lead singer of the legendary rock band ‘led zeppelin’ I touched on Led Zeppelin recently in this post Legendary rock songs. About five years ago he emerged once more with the strange sensation and produced one very good album. It has... Read More

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Terry brooks, voyage of the Jerle shannara

Terry Brooks, voyage of the Jerle shannara. . This is a book i remember reading years ago. It’s a fascinating story, classified as fantasy. It’s a story about family reunited through great adversity and the betrayal uncovered of the evil that destroyed the family in the first place. I could talk about this book all... Read More

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Animated poetry

Animated poetry . Animated poetry is a very interesting thing. The results of animated poetry can be fascinating. To read a poem is cool, to view it being performed is better in my view, but an animated poem can actually put the story in front of you. In this post i am going to present... Read More

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Cool chill out music, ATB and Quantic

Cool chill out music, ATB and Quantic. . Sometimes when i need to relax, particularly when working late at the my computer i feel the urge to to listen to some very specific tracks. Two music groups that particularly stand out to me are ATB and Quantic. These tracks relax me physically yet keep me... Read More

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Navy carrier squadron comedy

Navy carrier squadron comedy. . There is this really cool channel on youtube called Pumpit01 They have some very entertaining music comedy videos. I think you will probably enjoy them. . Navy carrier squadron “pump it” . Sun king hey ya . Navy carrier squadrons “move along” . Very entertaining videos. There is really nothing... Read More

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Needle sized art, micro sculpture

Needle sized art, Microsculpture. . Micro sculpture is incredible. Looking around on line though it doesn’t seem so established. But there is one particular artist called Willard Wigan who seems to have popularised it to some extent. The guy’s art is brilliant. Check this video out. . Needle sized art. . Willard also has a... Read More

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How to make sponge cake.

How to make sponge cake, also a vegetarian recipe. . Everybody loves sponge cake. I would say that it probably is the most popular home baked desert there is. It is quite a careful process but is relatively easy to make. Here are two youtube videos that i have found, they seem like decent recipes... Read More

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Harper Lee, to kill a mockingbird.

Harper Lee, to kill a mockingbird. . At school as a kid we read quite a few books but one that stood out for me personally was Harper Lee‘s novel, To kill a mockingbird. A very interesting story about two children growing up in the american deep south during the 1930′s when segregation and racism... Read More

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Musical comedians.

Musical comedians. . Personally i have a lot of respect for musical comedians. It’s nonsense to think that they are not as talented as any other serious musician. The array of talent i have come across in my own time online is vast. On this post i will show you three of my very favourites.... Read More

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The art of performance poetry

The art of performance poetry. . Performance poetry is a very diverse art form indeed. It has been around for centuries in both spoken word and song. The emergence of hip hop and rap has pushed performance poetry over the last twenty years. I am pleased to say i have been able to find some... Read More

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