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The art of Marionette puppetry

This particular post concentrates of an ancient art form called Marionette puppetry. Marionette is believed to date right back to ancient Egyptian times though wasn’t truly popularised until Roman times, though whether they were the marionette puppets we see today is not clear. They were often used throughout history in various forms until the term... Read More

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The art of breakdancing

The art of breakdancing . Breakdancing or the preferred term by practitioners of this art B-boying is in its very definition incredible. The physical barriers these people are able to overcome. Imagine a ballet pirouette upside down. These dancers are able to literally spin on their head, do multiple somersaults through the air and support... Read More

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Awesome hip hop dance performance.

Awesome hip hop dance performance. . Whilst on youtube yesterday searching for dance videos i stumbled on this curious little video. After watching it i did a bit of research but couldn’t find much information except that it is a performance whereby dancers come from all over the place and come up with these performances.... Read More

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Inspirational videos.

Inspirational videos. . Inspirational videos are videos i like to call videos that execute simple everyday things done a way that it gleans a positive responses. Videos like these two. How we recieve them depends on how we see things. You could say that they are emotionally touching. . The first video is a compilation... Read More

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Jabbawockeez dance style, impressive

Jabbawockeez dance style, impressive. . They are truly an amazing dance group Unfortunately i am not much of an authority on dance but i watch Jabbawockeez perform, and wonder what style they dance to. They are categorised everywhere look as hip hop/dance. But i see a few other bits and peices mixed in like breakdancing and mime. Perhaps... Read More