Posted On December 15, 20100 Comments

How to make sponge cake.

How to make sponge cake, also a vegetarian recipe. . Everybody loves sponge cake. I would say that it probably is the most popular home baked desert there is. It is quite a careful process but is relatively easy to make. Here are two youtube videos that i have found, they seem like decent recipes... Read More

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Parkour and poetry, interesting combination.

Parkour and poetry, interesting combination . This update is about a video i found quite recently on youtube. Is is of a parkour runner or free runner who made a video and voiced over a poem to compliment it creating a very interesting fusion of art and sport. Certainly worth checking out. Here is the... Read More

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A trip down memory lane, big art attacks.

A trip down memory lane, big art attacks. . You might remember this show. These days i dont watch much TV but as a kid i watched a lot. One of my favourite shows was Art attack, presented by Neil Buchannon. The best part of the show was undoubtably his big art attacks and lets not forget... Read More

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Useful panna cotta cookery demos including a vegan recipe.

Useful panna cotta cookery demos, including a vegan recipe. . Perhaps being a proffesional chef, i can talk with some authority on these posts. This post will tackle some very easy to follow panna cotta recipes, also some very interesting ones and even a vegan one. These are videos on youtube. The first one is probably... Read More