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How to make tasty risotto

Ok, in this particular post i would like to talk about how to make a tasty RIsotto. I am a chef by profession and Risotto is one of my favourite kinds of food. I am a huge fan of chicken, mushroom and roquette (or rocket) risotto. Now i know how you all like to watch... Read More

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Useful panna cotta cookery demos including a vegan recipe.

Useful panna cotta cookery demos, including a vegan recipe. . Perhaps being a proffesional chef, i can talk with some authority on these posts. This post will tackle some very easy to follow panna cotta recipes, also some very interesting ones and even a vegan one. These are videos on youtube. The first one is probably... Read More

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Introducing Culture spotlight

. Hi, my name is Richard North and i am the founder of Culture spotlight. I am a multi media artist and director of the Arts web show. But enough about me. This website is about you. . Here at Culture spotlight i aim to develop a society based around creativity. Whatever media you work in, there is a place for it... Read More