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Psychedelic rock band, Pink Floyd

In this post i would like to talk about the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. Originally founded by Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Richard Wright and Nick Mason, they enjoyed success in the underground music scene with some intensely strange and psychedelic music. They released an album called Piper and the gates of dawn in 1967... Read More

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Film actor profiles, Johnny Depp.

This post covers one of the people everybody knows of. I am of course talking about the hugely successful and very talented Johnny Depp. An actor who is known distinctly for his weird and wacky characters. That is probably why Tim Burton so closely associates with him in terms of film. . A basic history... Read More

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Animated poetry

Animated poetry . Animated poetry is a very interesting thing. The results of animated poetry can be fascinating. To read a poem is cool, to view it being performed is better in my view, but an animated poem can actually put the story in front of you. In this post i am going to present... Read More

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The art of performance poetry

The art of performance poetry. . Performance poetry is a very diverse art form indeed. It has been around for centuries in both spoken word and song. The emergence of hip hop and rap has pushed performance poetry over the last twenty years. I am pleased to say i have been able to find some... Read More

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Interesting poetry meme sites.

Interesting poetry meme sites. . On my blog network i am familiar with two poetry meme, prompt sites. Jingles poetry rally. Onestop . Jingles poetry rally is a blog run by a woman who is a huge driving force for poets both amateur and proffesional. I was a long time participant in her rallies. The... Read More

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The awesome Def poetry.

The awesome Def poetry. Warning : these videos contain strong language. . This is a brilliant series of performance poems by some very talented people. Hosted by Mos Def. You tube is swarming with videos from Def poetry. Here are a few of my favourites. The first is by Mutabaruka Titled ‘dis poem’ . .... Read More

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Bookstains poetry challenge ‘what the Dickens’

Bookstains poetry challenge ‘what the Dickens’ . This update is about bookstains poetry challenge The challenge is called What the Dickens. Lynda has done a few of these challenges, one of them which i referred to in this post. Picasso poetry challenge . I tend to get involved in those challenges I have written my... Read More

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Adam Dustus, a very interesting writer/poet.

Adam Dustus, a very interesting writer/poet. . This is truly a guy with a lot of literary talent. A blogger, writer, poet and graphic designer who i’ve known in blogging for a while now. You should check out his blog. He has this very interesting idea where every poem he posts is accompanied by an audio... Read More

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Echostains blog poetry challenge

Echostains blog poetry challenge . . I’d lke to talk about Lynda. AKA Echostains . Now she has a blog that kind of does what i aim to do here. Though hopefully this site will develop into a more community based site. . Where she hits a very solid niche is her constant searching for unique... Read More