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Jack White, a music legend

Jack White, a music legend. . In my humble opinion Jack White is a music legend, although i am sure there are plenty of people who would disagree. To me his style sounds like a kind of psychadelic metal style and heavily influenced by blues. He’s had quite a career already. His first major success... Read More

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Youtube based comedy show

Youtube based comedy show Apologies for the self promotional nature of this post (once a month only) . This update is about the youtube based Arts web show. My personal online project. It is a monthly show which will be posted on here at the launch each month. It is a show that combines the... Read More

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Mary Win is a really cool singer/songwriter.

Mary Win is a really cool singer/songwriter. . This is one of the singer/songwriters i follow over on youtube. Mary win at  Marywinmusic. Her music technique and style is relatively simplistic but her songs can get pretty deep and i really like the laid back way she performs them. Definitely someone worth checking out Here... Read More

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