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Posted On May 24, 20110 Comments

The art form of kinetic sculpture

In the particular post i would like to talk about a subject that i generally find quite interesting. I am of course talking about the relatively modern art form of Kinetic sculpture. Many people seem to be practicing this form but honestly for me only a couple stand out and i would like to talk... Read More

Posted On December 6, 20100 Comments

3D street art, breathtaking visual art

3D street art, breathtaking visual art . Well you can’t get much more breathtaking than this. I am of course referring to 3 dimensional art. I have found and embedded some very interesting videos to show you what i mean. This first one i guess would be quite a distraction for motorists on this highway.... Read More

Posted On December 3, 20100 Comments

Parkour and poetry, interesting combination.

Parkour and poetry, interesting combination . This update is about a video i found quite recently on youtube. Is is of a parkour runner or free runner who made a video and voiced over a poem to compliment it creating a very interesting fusion of art and sport. Certainly worth checking out. Here is the... Read More

Posted On November 23, 20100 Comments

The soloist, a story of friendship

The soloist, a story of friendship . The soloist is a relatively new movie. Starring Robert Downey junior and Robert Foxx. It is a story about a journalist called Steve Lopez and mentaslly ill street musician called Nathaniel. Through out the film various experiences show how their friendship grows through the power of music. I’d... Read More

Posted On November 23, 20102 Comments

Amazing inflatable street sculptures

Amazing inflatable street sculptures . This update focuses on the inflatable street art of  Joshua Allen Harris. He is a street artist based in New York who uses trash bags and subway air to bring his art to life. My favourite of what i’ve seen has to be the alien sculpture. The coolest thing about... Read More