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Interesting media used in art.

Interesting media used in art. . Over time artists have been known to create art from some very odd but interesting forms of media. Here are a few. The first is a youtube video i discovered in one of my regular visits to Echostains. . It is a speed painting session using Barbecue sauce. .... Read More

Posted On December 5, 20100 Comments

Tim Burton, film director.

Tim Burton, film director. . Tim Burton is probably best known as a film director. He is renowned for his strange but brilliant movie making style. I would best describe it as macabre. He often brings to life stange characters in even stranger settings. His recent film, a remake of Alice in wonderland perfectly proves... Read More

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Parkour and poetry, interesting combination.

Parkour and poetry, interesting combination . This update is about a video i found quite recently on youtube. Is is of a parkour runner or free runner who made a video and voiced over a poem to compliment it creating a very interesting fusion of art and sport. Certainly worth checking out. Here is the... Read More

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Youtube based comedy show

Youtube based comedy show Apologies for the self promotional nature of this post (once a month only) . This update is about the youtube based Arts web show. My personal online project. It is a monthly show which will be posted on here at the launch each month. It is a show that combines the... Read More

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Amazing inflatable street sculptures

Amazing inflatable street sculptures . This update focuses on the inflatable street art of  Joshua Allen Harris. He is a street artist based in New York who uses trash bags and subway air to bring his art to life. My favourite of what i’ve seen has to be the alien sculpture. The coolest thing about... Read More

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Fantastic stop motion videos.

Fantastic stop motion videos. . On this post i will be showing two very popular videos which can be found on youtube. They are done using a form called stop motion animation, which is truly one of the most complex forms of animation i have ever seen. Check out this link on Wikipedia for a... Read More

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Leslie paints amazing watercolours.

Leslie paints amazing watercolours. . This is someone with a lot of talent. Leslie White has a good eye for painting, especially nature scenes. On wordpress i have known and followed her work for a long time. Reading and viewing her work has been both enjoyable and educational. You really should check out her blog, you’ll be... Read More

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