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Music band, Muse

In this post i wish to talk about Muse. Quite possibly one of the best bands to come out of the British music scene in the last decade. As a band i find them unclassifiable. Rock, Pop, Electronic, Metal and even a very strong hint of classical music thrown in. The band consists of three... Read More

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Psychedelic rock band, Pink Floyd

In this post i would like to talk about the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd. Originally founded by Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Richard Wright and Nick Mason, they enjoyed success in the underground music scene with some intensely strange and psychedelic music. They released an album called Piper and the gates of dawn in 1967... Read More

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Film reviews, The shawshank redemption

The shawshank redemption is a fantastic film in my view and not surprisingly featured in many a persons film collection. The film is based on the novella Rita Hayworth and the shawshank  redemption by Stephen King (one of the most successful authors of our time) The shawshank redemption is a film written and directed by... Read More

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Jack Black and Tenacious D

Jack Black and Tenacious D . We all know who Jack Black is. He is very well known as an actor and with films like School of rock, Nacho Libre and King Kong under his belt noone can say that he is not successful. He is a good actor but in my opinion the characters... Read More

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Top 5 songs in my music collection.

Top 5 songs in my music collection. . I should actually refer to these as  current favourite (not necessarily best) My favourites change regularly depending on mood. . 1 – Slash and Adan Levine, Gotten from the album ‘Slash’ . 2 - Quantic, time is the enemy from the album 5th exotic . 3 –... Read More

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Terry brooks, voyage of the Jerle shannara

Terry Brooks, voyage of the Jerle shannara. . This is a book i remember reading years ago. It’s a fascinating story, classified as fantasy. It’s a story about family reunited through great adversity and the betrayal uncovered of the evil that destroyed the family in the first place. I could talk about this book all... Read More

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Animated poetry

Animated poetry . Animated poetry is a very interesting thing. The results of animated poetry can be fascinating. To read a poem is cool, to view it being performed is better in my view, but an animated poem can actually put the story in front of you. In this post i am going to present... Read More

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Harper Lee, to kill a mockingbird.

Harper Lee, to kill a mockingbird. . At school as a kid we read quite a few books but one that stood out for me personally was Harper Lee‘s novel, To kill a mockingbird. A very interesting story about two children growing up in the american deep south during the 1930′s when segregation and racism... Read More

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Bernard Cornwell, writer of the sharpe series.

Bernard Cornwell, writer of the sharpe series . Bernard Cornwell is a writer, mostly of historical novels and is most famed for his Richard Sharpe stories. He has also written some fantastic thrillers based on yachts. While i was growing up he was was without question my favourite novelist. I have read almost every book... Read More

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Parkour and poetry, interesting combination.

Parkour and poetry, interesting combination . This update is about a video i found quite recently on youtube. Is is of a parkour runner or free runner who made a video and voiced over a poem to compliment it creating a very interesting fusion of art and sport. Certainly worth checking out. Here is the... Read More

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